Sunday, February 5, 2012


Oh wow its been forever since I posted a blog on here. I always say I'm gonna write alot and then I never do. Maybe its just because my life is so boring that I never have much to say. I just got back from Chattanooga, Tennessee last week. I went down there for orientation to work for Covenant Transport and I'm about to go on a long ass rant about them so be prepared. I go down there and I take a DOT drug test and it comes up positive for marijuana. Now I have no reason to lie on here I haven't smoked marijuana since around November 27th. That was the very last time and it will be the very last time forever because I said after that time I was DONE for good because I wanted to drive a truck. Nearly two months later I take a drug test at the end of January and there's marijuana in my system??  ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????   Then I get back home and these BASTARD truck drivers online verbally bash me and say I'm an unsafe driver and Covenant had every right not to hire me blah blah BLAH BLAH  because I smoked weed  TWO MONTHS ago.  I have NEVER got behind the wheel of a semi truck or any vehicle for that matter while I was intoxicated and I never will. So people are telling me I'm a wreckless unsafe driver even though I have ZERO  accidents  ZERO tickets  ZERO  DWIs  and before this drug test I had never failed on in my life but yet somehow this makes me an unsafe driver??   Please somebody explain that logic to me because it sounds insane to me. I mean how does it make me an unsafe driver because I have a small amount of THC in my system from two months ago ?  To all you truck drivers out there that think that   you can kiss my ass because I'm more of a safe driver than you'll EVER BE.  How many CSA points do you have ?  How many DOT inspections ?   Guess how many I have...  ZERO. I could understand if I had smoked within hours of going down there to take the test  but the fact is that its been two months and I'm never gonna smoke again because I want to drive a truck  but all that might be thrown down the drain now because Covenant reported that failed drug test to the Department Of Transportation so from now on every employer is going to see the fact that I failed a drug test which sucks because I'm never gonna smoke again so they can give me a test  today tomorrow  in 30 days.  Hell I'll PAY for a drug test every 3 weeks if necessary just so they will be satisfied. I'm a good driver and I have a clean driving record and there are not that many truck drivers that can say that. Covenant talks about how they are a faith based company and how they are all about "Christian" values but its not so Christian to not forgive somebody.  They wont hire you if you have ever failed a drug test before or failed one of theirs. Does that sound like forgiveness to you?  I'm going to be clean for the rest of my life from this point on oh but it doesn't matter because Covenant can't forgive somebody.  Do you think I would have went down there if I thought I had marijuana in my system ?   Last time I smoked and went and took a drug test I was clean in THREE WEEKS.  Its been two months this time so why would I think I would fail? That's really all I have to say right now. I really will make an effort to post more blogs when I have something interesting to say.

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